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Our Story

Aspire Pharmaceuticals was established more than a decade ago with the sole purpose of bringing innovation and excellence to the encapsulation category. Billions of softgel later, the business has grown exponentially with a customer roster that represents some of the most influential players in the nutritional supplement and OTC industries.

Aspire’s passion in the encapsulation space has moved beyond softgel to include liquid capsules and liposome technology, all of which allow us to offer a larger variety of solutions to customers.

Aspire’s journey started in 2009 and a decade later has established itself of the go-to CDMO (contract development-manufacturing organization). Our strength lies in providing customized product solutions with an extremely nimble team structure that allows us to deliver results quicker and more efficiently compared to competitors.

As a center of excellence for encapsulation we know how to consistently optimize the process all while providing our clients with the most innovative products that meet their aspirations.

As a leader in the development AND manufacturing of softgel and liquid capsule supplements and OTC products, we take that role with pride. Our promise to you is that we will never stop asking the question: How can we do it better? We’ve been asking that very same question each year since our inception.

Our Milestones

First Commercial Shipment
Initial Vision system installed
Application of gelatin patent award in 2015
Implemented company wide ERP platform
Launched vegetarian softgel
Dedicated R&D Center for softgel
Packaging facility opened
OTC Products Launched
Initiated company wide electronic batch records
Drying capacity expansion for softgel manufacturing
Launched liquid fill capsule technology
Additional Vision system installed

A Passionate Team

Meet the 'A' Team

Aspire’s team of experts will meet with you to optimize your product journey. With decades of experience, our team knows the importance of blending market expertise with science to bring products to market quickly and effectively, so you get the best return on your investment.

"Innovation is at the core of our business."
Madhav Pai
Founder & CEO

In 2009, Madhav Pai had a vision — to create a quality softgel business that also inspires customers to think outside the pill. His dedication to seeking innovative technologies and processes, has enabled Aspire to attract some of the biggest CPG customers in the world. Today he sets his sights on becoming one of the most important global players in the business by combining his company’s drive toward manufacturing excellence and its desire to keep things innovative.

"My sole goal is to deliver high-quality products to our customers."
Bharat Patel
Director of Manufacturing

Bharat Patel has more than three decades of experience in the encapsulation business, 13 of which have been spent with Aspire. His varied background has allowed him to develop a strong sense of how to adapt in today’s marketplace. He says Aspire has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and that he enjoys the fast-paced environment. As the Director of Manufacturing at Aspire, Bharat’s aim is to uphold Aspire’s goals of delivering high-quality products, which he takes very seriously. On a personal level, Bharat enjoys coming to work every day for the positive and family-like connections with his co-workers.

"Aspire is anchored by cross-functional teams that intersect operational domains, such as sales, manufacturing, packaging, engineering logistics and quality."
Craig Heck
Vice President of Commercial Operations

A proficient problem-solver, innovator, team builder, and thought leader—Craig has extensive background in operations. As a professional with almost 40 years of experience, he has assumed numerous leadership roles and supervisory positions, helming initiatives and teams that span manufacturing (soft gelatin capsules, tablets, two-piece hard shell), packaging, maintenance/engineering, shipping/receiving, and environmental waste management and impact. As if that isn’t enough, he is also well versed in sales, customer service, and quality assurance. As a proven team leader, Craig is well equipped to develop new business strategies, spearhead novel engineering projects, and enhance operational output and efficiency.

"We are interested in building long-term partnerships with our customers, working closely with them to develop novel formulations and solutions that meet their aspirations."
Darrec Jones
Vice President of Business Development

Business development is the engine that creates long-term growth and profitability for Aspire. In fact, creating new market opportunities is precisely what has allowed Aspire to grow and expand in new directions during the last decade. These opportunities have been driven by the attention and support cultivated by Aspire’s business development team, which today is led by industry veteran Darrec Jones. Generating new ideas to help customers stand out and succeed in a very crowded marketplace is a tall order, which is why smart strategies and strong partnerships are integral to the health of Aspire and its customers. Business development works across all departments at Aspire to find new ways of creating products, improving manufacturing efficiencies, and identifying strategic partners to open new markets.

"Delivering customized softgel solutions is paramount."
Glenn Richardson
VP Sales

The customer is always right, according to Glenn Richardson, Aspire’s VP of Sales, who has decades of experience in the softgel business, spending the last 13 with Aspire. Glenn leads global sales, a position he finds both challenging and rewarding. He attributes the company’s success to the quality of its products and people, as well as the vision of Aspire’s founder, Madhav Pai. Glenn believes Aspire has the opportunity to bring its strength in manufacturing to the table and add a dash of creativity. His team’s role is to help customers visualize the possibilities through creative softgel products and best-in-class manufacturing technologies.

"Aspire is an established company with start-up mindset that is always seeking improvement through innovation and optimization."
Julia Zhang
Director of Pharmaceutical Technology

With more than 20 years of pharmaceutical experience under her belt, Julia maintains a deep well of knowledge when it comes to various dosage forms — i.e., injectables, OSD, softgel, emulsions, nasal spray, etc. — for both small molecules and biologics. She has written and received more than 30 ANDA (abbreviated new drug application) submissions and approvals. She also has more than 10 years of softgel formulation and process development experience. Julia’s favorite part about working for Aspire is the collaborative atmosphere and family-oriented environment.

"Providing customized formulation support and continuing product and process improvement are integral to customer success."
Ankit Gajjar
R&D Manager

Ankit Gajjar has more than a decade of experience in the pharmaceutical/nutraceutical industries, specifically in softgel manufacturing R&D. Ankit spent his early years at Aspire overseeing manufacturing and production activities and is currently responsible for formulation R&D. During this time, he has successfully launched several complex softgel formulations. What does he love about Aspire? Above all, the company culture, vision and flexibility.

"Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there."
Nelson Fretwell
VP Sales

Nelson Fretwell has spent more than a quarter century in a variety of positions across the dietary supplement industry. He is passionate about the quick pace of sales, having spent his career with some of the biggest players like GNC, Glanbia and Perrigo. At Aspire, Nelson is responsible for developing the sales strategy for the company as it relates to overall wellness and sports nutrition. His goal for Aspire is for it to become the one company that everyone wants to work with or become.

“At Aspire, we are lean and very nimble, which means we can react swiftly and adopt changes that make sense immediately.”
Sean Weeks
VP, Managing Director, OTC

Sean Weeks has been with Aspire since 2018 and is responsible for the OTC business. In his previous role as COO, Sean led the Operations team and helped establish the on-site packaging lines. His background spans more than 30 years with several multinational companies, such as Purecap and Reckitt Benckiser, in a variety of roles including sales, marketing, business development and operations. His favorite part about Aspire is the family-like culture and colleagues, who are supportive, caring, kind and hardworking, and who maintain a shared goal of ensuring Aspire’s customers get the great service they deserve.

"Customer service is not what you do, but who you are."
Oksana Ivanova
Director of Supply Chain

Oksana Ivanova joined Aspire 12 years ago, starting in the quality assurance department. Today, she manages the company’s supply chain, where she oversees the procurement, purchasing, planning, and customer service departments. Oksana loves the customer and supplier relationships in this big but tightknit industry. She also says working at Aspire has pushed her to think outside the box, which in turn has helped her grow personally and professionally. When Oksana is not in the office, you can find her spending quality time with her family, out for a bike ride, or globe-trotting on vacation.

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