We offer custom softgels in any size, shape and color. From one-ingredient oils to complex multi-ingredient fills, every step of the capsule manufacturing process has up-to-date standard operating procedure guides and adheres to the Good Manufacturing Practices put forth by the US Food and Drug Administration.

We are proud to offer our patent-pending GelMelts™: Next Generation chewables with a liquid center. This unprecedented technology dissolves in the mouth quickly, giving the consumer a quick release of active ingredients combining a unique mouth feel.

Gel-Melts-Logo-(1)GelMelts™ are next-generation chewable softgels delivered in unique shapes including the square pillow shape (patent-pending design). These are great alternatives to gummies, and they’re a perfect dosage form for kids, athletes, adults and geriatric groups. Other advantages include:

Benefits Over Other Orally Dissolving Formats

  • Accurate dosing, including pin-point accurate low and ultra-low doses
  • Liquid or paste formulations for easy ingestion

Multiple Formulations Beyond Multi-Vitamins

  • Fully customizable supplement manufacturing
  • Can be formulated using 100% natural ingredients
  • Localized delivery for oral application and delivery
  • Unique branding ability
  • Available in various colors and sizes
  • No gritty taste
  • Convenience
  • Great mouth feel
  • No corn syrup or sugars

bitmap3As with every service we provide, from microbiological analysis to branding and packaging, Aspire Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to creating the highest quality soft gelatin and nutritional supplements on the market.

This is backed up by all-inclusive procurement processes, turnkey production solutions, and thorough analysis and lab testing. Simply put, we provide our clients with the unique solutions they need.

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GelMelts™ is a registered trademark and a patent-pending technology by Aspire Pharmaceuticals.